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Live Security Camera of me. If I vanish or stop posting content, I am either dead, kidnapped, or set up on a fake charge and in jail. Please spread my content if that happens.
Click here to view the admin panel where you can download the footage. Login is doucheworldorder@gmail.com/Vostro4000!

My name is Jason Allen Cataldo. After digging too deep into the Mystery School Cult (Freemasons etc) - I came to the conclusion that they are an ancient secret society of pedophile, cannibals that worship Satan, and wield strange "magick" powers based on Kabbalistic science from the Ancient World. Before you scoff at my belief that magick is real, "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magick". - Arthur C. Clarke

Since I began publishing videos about their secrets - I have received hundreds of death threats online and in person, been setup on multiple fake charges by crooked police in my local area, had my bank account + crypto wallet hacked and all my money stolen, and have seen things that can only be described as "Biblical". I have seen things that have me questioning reality on a constant basis. There is something real strange happening in our world right now and we need to be ready for it.

Prepare for war. It is your duty.

Jason Allen Cataldo

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They can suck a fat dick for selling-out to Satan.

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